Endeavor of 1991

San Printech is an endeavor since 1991, of Mr. Ashok Newaskar who is a Alumni of VJTI, Bombay. With the enterprise endeavor, first the proprietorship firm San Fibres & Chemicals was started in 1991. Later in 1998, a separate firm San Printech was established with more focus on Screen Printing Industry & later expanded to more consumables from world famous brands.

Each new product line giving growth to the business, with different principal companies, the firm was converted to San Printech Pvt Ltd in 2010.

The next generation entry, the joining of Mr. Saurabh Newaskar in 2010 as Sales Executive initially & with a few years of his strong efforts in business development, not only helped the company to grow rapidly but also could succeed due to his efforts, in bringing more foreign partners to work in India with San Printech Pvt. Ltd.. Mr. Saurabh Newaskar, a Alumni of ICT ( UDCT), Mumbai, was later promoted as Executive Director & had a key role in collaborating the company with Dr Honle AG , Panacol-Elosol GmbH & uv technik speziallampen GmbH under Honle Group to represent them as sole distributors & technical service providers for India.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Only action with vision makes a positive difference.

With intent to provide the Indian screen printing industry the latest technology from well-known international brands as authorized Agents and Distributors for India, the company became a partner to their principals on one side as well as to their customers in India on other side.Loyalty to their Principals and services toIndian industry, made San Printech attract more manufacturers from abroad to become the part of their activities, covering product specialisation in Industrial adhesives, UV polymers, UV curing lamps, equipments etc. for many other industries in addition to printing.

Our Values

Mesh from Sefar, Switzerland,  Screen making Chemicals from Kiwo, Germany , UV & Speciality Inks from Encres Dubuit, France, PU Squeegees from Fimor, France, Speciality Varnishes for Coating as well as Printing from Actega Schmid Rhyner, Switzerland have enabled San Printech to offer complete package of products required mainly for Screen & also other Printing Industry. Textile printing inks were added later from well known manufacturers Inkuin & Inknovators, both from Turkey. The expansion continued with addition of Panacol, Germany for speciality adhesives & sealants , as well as Dr. Honle, Germany for UV curing systems with their subsidiary company UV Technik, Germany for UV & IR lamps.

Reliability and Quality has built trust in partnership and earned a strong market position in all sectors of screen & allied printing industry.

Established process and knowhow is working in various other industries too.

Our Mission

In the Screen printing Industry, “Perfect Stencils for highest quality and top print results”, this is the goal of our customers as well as of us also. In textile printing, the industry is always interested in Innovative & new special effect Inks with changing fashion & we are always taking efforts in this direction. All types of printing applications in addition to Screen printing, Print finish coating Varnishes are always the biggest concern & meeting their requirements with specialty Varnishes is always our concern.

Our new venture in industrial adhesives, UV curing systems, lamps etc. need a lot of attention to various industries like Electronic, Medical, Optical fibres, engineering & also the disinfection requirements. Our team in the field is always attentive in giving technical services to the end users.

Thus, our principals as well as our customers, both are our partners and we seek long term relationships with our business partners

We want to help our clients to produce their best by providing them the world’s best quality consumables with best possible technical support.

Find A Right Solution

San Printech sales and technical experts team can identify right products and processes for your custom solution.


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