The Dr. Hönle AG is one of the leading suppliers of industrial UV technologies worldwide. Together with our subsidiaries, we develop, produce and sell LED UV units and LED UV equipment, UV units, UV equipment, inert UV dryers, UV lamps and UV bulbs, IR lamps, UV measuring technology, reflectors, solar simulation systems and Electronic Power Supplies.

In addition, UV dryers for rotary printing (sheet-fed offset printing, web offset printing), UV systems for inkjet printing and flexo printing, infrared and hot air drying systems, powder-coating and powder extraction systems, UV medium-pressure bulbs and UV low-pressure lamps, UV lamps for air, water and surface disinfection, quartz glass and quartz glass components and industrial adhesives and potting & sealing compounds are developed, produced and sold within the Hönle Group.

Our products are used in a wide range of industrial applications: in printing (web or 3D printing), in coating and finishing (for example 3D coating), in bonding or casting, for surface disinfection or water disinfection, in solar simulation and photovoltaics or for fluorescence testing.

UV Equipment/UV Units

Honle offers specialized UV systems or units like UVAPRINT, pureUV, LightGuide pureUV, LED UV Units, jetCURE, bluepoint LED, UVACUBE with LED Cube for compact LED UV curing chamber, UVASPOT and UVAHAND LED for high intensity hand-held UV lamp.

LED-UV Systems are used in various fields of applications. LED Powerline series offers advanced technology along with LED Powerline Focus offers UV high-performance dryer with focusing optic. honle uv technology offerings includes jetCURE LED, UVAPRINT varyCURE, bluepoint LED eco, LED Power Pen 2.0, LED Spot W & LED Power drive and many other  LED UV units.

The jetCURE IR is an air-cooled IR module for drying aqueous printing inks and coatings. Depending on the printing application, it can be operated as a purely IR or as an IR/hot air dryer

Dr. Hönle AG offers the appropriate disinfection systems and disinfection units based on the inactivation of germs, viruses, bacteria and mould spores through UVC irradiation.

Our range of safe and environmentally friendly disinfection units extends from units for the disinfection of surfaces using UVC radiation to UV systems for the disinfection of packaging right through to UVC air disinfection units.

Solar simulator and light fixtures for material testing, for automotive industry, for photovoltaic modules, UVASPOT for high intensity flood lamps, UVACUBE 400 irradiation chambers for material aging testing.

UV-Meter for measurement UV intensity and dosage for spot and flood cure units. The UV-Meter offers accessories with range of single sensors, light guide sensors and quartz rod sensors.

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