The Kimoto core know-how and technologies are coated films for industrial applications found in the electronic-, lighting-, communication-, automotive- and printing industries. We follow the dynamic developments in these fields to offer up to date products to the market.

Manufacturing and sales of a variety of film for electric and electronic applications including printers, optical devices, data recording devices, and environmental measurement apparatuses.

We are focused on innovation, product quality and service to maintain a strong position in the market.

To keep these commitments, our development team is pushing the boundaries of coating technology to offer unique products and added value to our customers.

Hardcoat Films

The durability and optical qualities of polyester (PET) and polycarbonate (PC) films serves as an excellent foundation for the high precision roll-to- roll (R2R) coating application of Kimoto’s chemically bonded UV hardcoat surface treatments.

A proprietary nano-structured coating provides functional, aesthetic, mechanical and haptic properties while our custom engineered coating lines process the material under an ISO accredited quality system.

Product lines include ElastoDur, KB-Film, LevSurf & Flexiber Film.

Kimoto offers wide range of Light Control Film like Light Diffusion Film, Light Reflection Film, Formable High Performance Diffusion Films.

Products offering are OptSaver™, LIGHT-UP™, REF-WHITE™ & CARBONFEATHER.

Savefine products are constructed from a durable PET base film, surface coatings that provides scratch and abrasion resistance and are paired with an optically clear self-wet adhesive for ease of application. These products offer non-permanent protection of touch screens, displays, touch panels, digital signage, LCD’s, etc from damage while improving appearance and durability especially in industrial environments. 

Product series include LevSurf, SaveFine, Prosave & KB Stick.

Kimoto’s line of adhesive backed films are constructed from high quality polyester (PET) base films, functional nano-coatings and paired with permanent acrylic adhesives to provide outstanding optical clarity. These films may be barely visible when applied but they provide functional features, decorative properties and protection for interior window and glass surface applications.

Glass Protection Films Product line include KB Stick (KB Stick VT101 & KB Stick VIST) & Glasstect series (Glasstect AR200, Glasstect VB, Glasstect 50Li, Glasstect UPi Plus, Glasstect 50DH, Glasstect 125DH).

The Prosave PSA films are a family of specialized adhesive constructions utilizing durable PET base films to support a variety of functionally specific uses and performance requirements.

Each product in the range offers different peel strength and adhesive characteristics but all leave very low adhesive residue when removed. 

Products include K-shield SQHCK, Prosave 50LS, Prosave 50MS, Prosave 25THS, Prosave CBFS2, Prosave SQD3, Prosave UQDF2 50.

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