Kissel + Wolf GmbH, Wiesloch, Germany, supplies chemical products worldwide for screen and textile printing; industrial, flock and special adhesives; cleaning agents; resists & coatings. We also offer services for product development and contract manufacturing.

In order to give the best support to our customers, we provide worldwide service and local liaison staff wherever possible. Distribution partners and end-users can therefore always rely on our know-how – across all borders and tailored to individual, local needs.

For Screen Making Chemicals, Screen Printable Adhesives, Screen Cleaning Chemicals

Printing Chemicals

KIWO offers products for stencil making, mesh pre-treatment, screen making and cleaning, screen decoating, mesh post-treatment, accessories as well as measuring and testing.

Fineline-System, Emulsions, Filler, Hardener, Frame Laquer and Accessories provide international quality standards.

KIWO's cleaning chemicals works for screen printing as well as cleaning electronic components such as printed circuit boards and assemblies.

The chemicals are SMT Cleaning Agents, Mesh Preparation, Stencil Cleaning
Decoating, Post Mesh Treatment, Accessories and  Disinfectants.

A resist masks a surface partially with a certain design or coves it all over before finishing, further processing or transporting the material, i.e. it protects a surface against external influence. Applications such as etching, sand blasting, sputtering and selective brushing of metal surfaces.

A new and technically interesting area, which opens up many possibilities.

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