Panacol-Elosol GmbH is an internationally active provider in the growth market of industrial adhesives. Its extensive product range includes UV adhesives, structural adhesives and conductive adhesives. These innovative adhesives are developed by its in-house research department and manufactured at its own production sites in Germany and the USA. Panacol develops state of the art quality adhesives and is ISO 9001 certified since 2002.

Panacol offers customer-oriented solutions and expert consulting on adhesive technology and applications throughout the world: In addition to subsidiaries in France (Eleco Panacol-EFD), the USA (Panacol-USA Inc.), China (Hoenle UV Technology (Shanghai) Trading Ltd.) and Korea (Panacol-Korea Co., Ltd.), a worldwide network of distributors ensures efficient sales and personal contacts wherever customers are located. Panacol serves customers in the automotive, aerospace, optics, electronics and consumer electronics industries as well as manufacturers of luxury packaging, household appliances, medical technology and medical devices throughout the world


Vitralit® UV adhesives and potting compounds are single component systems based on acrylate or epoxy resin foundations. They cure under UV or visible light within seconds and, depending on the product, can be post-cured thermally. Curing times of 0.5 to 60 seconds can be achieved with high intensity UV gas discharge lamps or LED systems. The Vitralit® adhesives are the perfect choice for high volume production. 

The Panacol product line of Elecolit® conductive adhesives are both electrically and thermally conductive adhesives. Elecolit® conductive adhesives contain metallic filling materials, primarily silver flakes. This creates efficient energy flow and high conductivity.

Structalit® structural adhesives are single- and two-component epoxy resin-based products with superior strength and thermal stability and chemical resistance. Structalit® can also be used in special and high-tech applications, from bonding in trades and crafts through sealing electrical components to high-tech electronics applications.

The acrylic-based high-performance structural adhesives of the Penloc® GT series are ideal for bonding materials such as metal, glass, ceramics, wood and many plastics (except PE and PP). The Penloc® GT adhesives are easy to handle and versatile in use.

The Cyanolit® superglue series from Panacol includes a wide range of high performance cyanoacrylate adhesives.

Cyanolit® adhesives are solvent-free, reactive adhesives which are formulated from esters derived from cyanoacrylic acid. Typically three types of esters are used in cyanoacrylate adhesives based on their performance properties: ethyl ester, which provides universal adhesion characteristics; butyl and alkyl esters which offer unique, but less reactive properties.

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