UV-Technik Speziallampen GmbH develops, manufactures and sells UVC-low pressure and medium pressure lamps, electronic power supplies, UV-sensors, Submersible and Immersion tube systems, UV-measuring devices, System controller, Infrared lamps and suitable accessories.

All of our products are individually adapted to customer requirements. Consequently, they are used in complex ballast water systems, in drinking water treatment, in urban sewage systems or in of fish farm water circuits. Their use in ultrapure water systems and swimming pool technology has been established for years.

With the help of our UVC components, in addition, odors in kitchen exhaust systems, in air-conditioning and ventilation systems and in the treatment of landfill air can be reliably neutralized.

Another business area of our company is surface treatment, for example for the disinfection of packaging or conveyor belts.

As a producer of infrared emitters, we are able, depending on the application, to produce the optimum radiation source for UV curing or infrared drying processes and to adapt them to their use in the field of glass treatment, wood treatment or food treatment.

UV Lamp

The UV lamps are suitable for most applications in air and water. We adapt our UV lamps exactly to the needs of our customers, whether standard low-pressure lamps, high-output lamps or amalgam lamps.

Special types such as U-shaped lamps, electrodeless UV lamps, surface lamps or contour lamps for special applications complete our product portfolio.

The electronic power supplies of our EPS-series are
designed to operate standard, HO and amalgam low pressure UVC lamps. Also EPSA 240 available for maximum power of 24kW. For UV medium-pressure lamps eUV-1 Compact series and eUV-5 series for high burning voltages and max. power from 32 to 40 kW.

uv-technik provides various measuring devices for monitoring the UV intensity, for measuring the water transmittance or for quality control of UVC low-pressure lamps and UV medium-pressure lamps.

Product offering includes MUV 2.4 WR, KUV 2.4 WR, UV Meter, Transmittance device, HI1 Measurement Device, UV Disc and more...

uv-technik offers a wide range of tailor-made infrared emitters, which are used in industrial heating and drying processes.

Optimally tailored to the specific application, we offer our customers individual system products.

Depending on the application, uv-technik can supply medium-wave, short-wave, fast medium-wave and NIR emitters.

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