WESSCO – UV Overprint Varnishes

WESSCO® UV Coatings – striking effects for packaging

WESSCO® UV coatings are versatile. Not only do they look good, they also feel good. Make the special effects work for you to gain more attention.

The requirements for a packaging depend on who is using it when and what for. Customers and Brand owners as well manufacturers place importance on different factors in choosing a packaging for their product. On the one hand profitability, processing, rate of production, aesthetics, consistency, and conforming to food standards is of great importance. On the other hand, consumers are looking for functionality, eco-friendliness, as well as haptical and optical aesthetics in packaging.

Our WESSCO® UV coatings are versatile in use and show interesting effects. By using our POLAR coatings for example, you can gain metallic highlights; our rainbow products make the colors of the rainbow shine and a variety of silver-effects are possible. At the same time our UV and LM UV coating offer eco-friendly protection to the packaging.

WESSCO® coatings also offer many options with regards to haptic. Raised coatings appeal to the sense of touch of consumers as soon as they take a product into their hands.

We continuously refine our coatings. To do this, we are closely cooperating with our partners, suppliers and customers. We are placing great value on quality and continuous enhancement of our products. Our developers generated the EPPI® photoinitiator for our WESSCO® Low Migration (LM) coatings, thus creating coatings specifically for food packaging. WESSCO® LM coatings with EPPI® technology are solvent free and UV curing. They finish paper, cardboard and plastic foil for sensitive packaging.

In development and manufacturing we are using only meticulously selected and inspected raw materials of the highest quality. It is imperative to comply with legal regulations and guidelines. In addition, ACTEGA Schmid Rhyner AG is certified by QS ZÜRICH AG for “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP).


  • Gravure, flexo or offset printing 
  • Foil and cardboard substrates 
  • Webfed: Shrink Sleeve, tubes, labels and flexible packaging
  • Sheetfed: publications and packaging 


  • Suitable for high speed production 
  • Bright glossy effects
  • Great slippage
  • High scratch resistency
  • How odour

WESSCO – UV Adhesive for Film Laminating

Adhesives and coatings are an unbeatable combination

WESSCO® UV laminating adhesives keep in place what needs to stay in place and significantly extend the life of the packaging.

Our WESSCO® UV laminating adhesives do a great job: They bond the foil to the substrate and protect the surfaces, making it scuff- and waterproof, as well as resistant to chemicals. The increased tear strength of the paper or cardboard is another great side-effect. The result: a durable print product of excellent quality. Our products are colourless, odourless, solvent-free and therefore eco-friendly. The adhesive composition allows easy processing of pre-treated OPP foils. With the right foil and the right coating, laminating foils can also be finished with coating effects such as our Soft Touch, turning the product into a tangible highlight.

DIVAR® adhesives – for digital finishing with or without cold foils

For digital finishing with diVar® technology, we have developed a very special adhesive that can be used as a coating in addition to processing cold foils. Our DIVAR® adhesive is applied with a silicone calender and, once it has been cured with UV rays, can no longer be distinguished from a coating. This creates exciting effects which cast a new light on the end product. The advantages of digital printing with digital finishing can therefore be exploited to the fullest.

Our DIVAR® adhesives are available as thin-layer adhesives for quantities of approx. 4 to 32 g/m2 (cold-foil application) and as relief adhesives for quantities of approx. 16 to 64 g/m2 (coating application).

The DMAX machine for digital spot and relief coatings is available for the efficient processing of our DIVAR® coatings/adhesives. This machine was developed together with Steinemann Technology AG and enables the simultaneous application of coatings and adhesives. This saves time by processing in only one pass.


  • Laminating foils
  • Aluminium stamping foils
  • Stamping foils for coating
  • Hologram stamping foils
  • Metal stamping foils
  • Cold-foil application
  • Digital cold-foil application


  • Saves time
  • Work efficiency
  • Solvent-free and therefore eco-friendly
  • Simple processing
  • DIVAR® for cold-foil and coating application in one pass with the same product

WESSCO LM – UV Coating for Food Packaging

WESSCO® Low Migration (LM) – Don’t rock the boat

Our WESSCO® Low Migration coatings come as matt, high gloss and effect coatings. They are solvent-free and UV curing. They were specifically designed for food packaging and finish paper, cardboard and plastic foils for sensitive packaging. Certainly, always complying to legal regulations and guidelines such as GMP. 

What makes our WESSCO® LM coatings so extraordinary: they minimise migration. This means that through careful formulation of our coatings, we can reduce the transfer of substances from the coating film to the contents of the packaging. In addition, these coatings do not contain benzophenone, 4-methyl benzophenone or bisphenol A.

ACTEGA Schmid Rhyner AG Low Migration coatings have one special property that we can only explain with a little “technospeak”. A very important component of WESSCO® LM coatings is known as polymeric photoinitiators. These consist of molecules that are heavier than conventional photoinitiators. Due to their size, they are far less likely to migrate to the packaged food. That is why they are the perfect choice when it comes to finishing and protecting sensitive packaging in the food sector.

GALACRYL – Water-based Overprint Varnishes


When it comes to print products and packaging, consumers can be very critical.

And demanding: Does the magazine look good? Is the box functional? And what about environmental compatibility? We hear these questions all the time. And we have the right answer – our GALACRYL® dispersion coatings for printed paper and cardboard.

These water-based matt and glossy coatings consist of acrylates, water-soluble resins, additives and water. They dry through evaporation of the water. During this physical process, the dispersed particles fuse together to create a homogeneous film.

Producing such a coating is a science in itself. Or rather, it is a science for us. The secret is in the well-balanced formulation of the coating. It must display the desired properties in its liquid state, during processing and as a dry coating film.