Bluepoint LED eco

Bluepoint LED Eco: LED point source with Process FLOW Control

Bluepoint LED Eco – for all applications requiring a most intensive UV irradiation. Its high intensity and the possibility to program complete process sequences, and shortest cycle can be utilized especially in fully automated production lines. Also Bluepoint LED Eco can be used in the laboratory for manual irradiation.

UV LED point source with up to 4 LED heads with an extremely long service life.

Further features: Bluepoint LED Eco

  • Different wavelengths
  • Each LED head can be activated separately
  • Adjustable lamp output
  • No heating phase
  • No active cooling is necessary

Applications: Bluepoint LED Eco

bluepoint spot sources are appropriate for various applications like:

  • Bonding, fixing or encapsulating of components in the electronic, opticalor medical sector
  • Fluorescence stimulation for materials testing and picture processing
  • High-intensive UV irradiation in the chemical, biological and pharmaceutical sector
  • UV-irradiation for different applications in a clean room

System Features: Bluepoint LED Eco
• LED power output separately adjustable
• Processing of temperature-sensitive materials
• Entry of complete program sequences
• Signal input for safe switch off

Advantages: Bluepoint LED Eco
• Reduction of maintenance costs
• Extremely long service life
• Intelligent power control
• Compact size
• Excellent cost-performance ratio


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