PREGASOL P is an odorless ready-to-use stencil remover paste that works well on screens that require prolonged reaction time, or where drying of liquid reclaimers may be a concern; i.e. format screens, as the product remains on the screen and effective throughout the reclaiming process.
Container sizes: Quart and 1-gallon containers.
Product Number: 24302-(size)


Liquid screen decoating concentrate 1:50

KIWOCLEAN CF 520 is a highly efficient, liquid decoating concentrate for the removal of direct photoemulsions / films from screens. KIWOCLEAN CF 520 has especially been developed for automatic screen decoating units and does not crystallize in the units or tanks due to special stabilizers. KIWOCLEAN CF 50 has no attack on stainless steel. Depending on the field of application, KIWOCLEAN CF 520 is used in a dilution of 1:30 – 1:50 in tap water. KIWOCLEAN CF 520 solutions are colourless and without odour, chlorine free, have very little attack on the mesh and do not bleach. KIWOCLEAN CF 520 can be diluted in water completely at any ratio.


Alkaline activator and screen cleaner based on biodegradable solvents

PREGAN MEGACLEAN X-TRA is a highly viscous, solvent based, alkaline screen cleaner for the removal of ghost images, ink and photoemulsion residue after decoating. In combination with ghost image removers (e.g. PREGAN ANTIGHOST) it can also be used as an activator for the removal of many printing inks. PREGAN MEGACLEAN X-TRA has a high flash point and is almost odour free. High viscosity allows application using a coating trough. In usual working dilution, the cleaner / water mixtures can be emptied into adapted biological sewage plants.