Transmittance Device TMX01

Transmission Measurement Device

The mobile transmission analysis instrument TMX01 is made for optimising design work and control of water treatment systems. With this unit, water samples can be evaluated according to DIN 38404. A fluid sample can be taken and its transmittance measured. The TMX01 can also be used for regular inspections and analysis of water quality.

Features: This instrument comes in a robust Aluminium suitcase, giving maximum protection against impact. The unit is battery powered and operates with just four buttons. This meter can be operated very easily and can be always ready for use. A removable charger takes care of power which is included with the instrument.


  • Accurate measuring
  • Repeatable measurements
  • Battery powered
  • Light and portable


  • Compact design
  • Very user friendly
  • Short start-up time
  • Fast calibration

Radiometer KUV


The mobile UV reference radiometer KUV 2.4 WR is connected with UV sensors according to DVGW W294 and / or ÖNORM M5873 designed as a reference measuring device. It serves the control and recalibration of UV sensors, mainly in drinking water treatment plants.

Features: A closed, robust metal housing protects the device against external influences and ensures the degree of protection IP65. The measuring device is battery operated and has a 2-line Backlit LCD display, automatic Measuring range switching and is easy over three Buttons can be operated.

The measuring device automatically detects the change of sensors. The KUV 2.4 WR is powered by the supplied plug-in power supply loaded. The measured values can be both analog and read out digitally via a serial RS232 interface.

System properties

  • Precise UV intensity measurements up to 2,000 W / m²
  • Suitable for UV low and low Medium pressure heater
  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • Backlit display


  • Easy recalibration of system sensors
  • Integrated measuring and Maximum value memory
  • User-friendly through Battery operated
  • Splash-proof robust metal housing

UV Meter


This instrument is particularly useful in a fixed source chamber or in a surface disinfection environment where an accurate reading of UV C is required. This is a combination of our handheld meter the Hi1 and the circular sensor Si1. The sensor is placed in the area where the UV intensity is to be measured and a direct readout in mW/cm² can be seen on the digital display. 


The hand-held Hönle UV-METER measures exact data that is traceable to the German standard PTB (Physikalisch Techni- sche Bundesanstalt). The unit is available as a basic or high- end version. Different sensors cover wavelengths from 230 nm to 550 nm – UVC, UVB, UVA and VIS. The UV-METER with its wide range of interchangeable sensors makes it suitable for different manufacturing processes. Sensors are available both for UV point sources and surface irradiation equipment.


The UV measuring device MUV2.4 WR when used in conjunction with a UV sensor is designed as a reference measuring unit according to DVGW W294 and/or ÖNORM M5873. It is designed to check UV systems used for drinking water disinfection. For this purpose, the reference sensor is put into the measuring window instead of the system sensor.


The UVC Disc us a UV measuring device that has been designed to measure the dosage of low pressure uvc lamps, such as those used in uv disinfection (uv sterilisation) and decontamination processes. Manufacturers that use uvc lamps as part of their processes might include those in the food and beverage industry for example. If regular measurements are taken, it can provide useful information about when is the correct time to replace ageing UV lamps.

How to operate the UV Disc (UV Puck)

The UV Disk is placed on (or attached) to a surface in with the UV sensor on the back of the device facing the UV lamp to be tested. It records the UV that comes into contact with the sensor, and integrates the data during the irradiation period. The total irradiation level (UV dosage) is subsequently displayed on the screen in mJ/cm².

Lamp Tester LT1


uv-techniks LT1 is a device used for the testing the integrity of uv lamps. Simply touch the lamp contacts with the test probe and press the button. The lamp is defective if there is no illumination visible from the lamp. A clear blue illumination indicates that the tube is in perfect condition. A pink glow means that the lamp is starting to fail.

The uv lamp tester can check the following lamp types:

  • Mercury low pressure lamps
  • High power amalgam lamps
  • Mercury medium pressure lamps
  • High pressure sodium lamps
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Neon lamps
  • Metal halogen lamps
  • Low pressure sodium lamps

The lamp tester also allows for AC voltage tests between 60-250V.

Radiometer MUV 2.4 WR

Reference radiometer MUV 2.4 WR

The mobile UV-reference meter MUV 2.4 WR is designed as a reference unit in accordance with DVGW W294 and / or ÖNROM M5873 relating to UV-sensors. It is made to control UV-systems for drinking water disinfection and delivers PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt) traceable results. In operation, the reference sensor is placed in the sensor port instead of the system sensor.

Features: A sealed and robust metal housing protects the device against external impacts and assures a protection rating to IP65. The measuring device is equipped with a 2-line LCD-display with backlight, automatic measuring range changeover and can be easily operated via three buttons. The exchange of a sensor is detected with an automated process.

Charging of the MUV 2.4 WR is taken care of by a power supply cable provided. All measured values can be read by computer via a serial RS232 interface.

System- Features

  • Approved by ÖNORM/DVGW
  • Repeatable measuring-results
  • PTB-traceable results


  • User-friendly with battery operation
  • Splash water resistant according IP65
  • Robust metal housing
  • Measured data storage