Cyanolit 201

With the superglue Cyanolit® series, Panacol-Elosol offers an optimal product range in the field of cyanoacrylates. Cyanolit® adhesives are solvent-free reaction adhesives formulated on the basis of esters of cyanoacrylic acid. They show very good adhesion to many materials and especially to plastics.

Cyanolit® 201 is a very low-viscosity, fast-curing adhesive with excellent capillary action. Particularly suitable for small-area bonds and for applications where the adhesive can only be applied after the basic assembly, due to production or construction.

Curing Properties

Curing takes place without heat supply, pressure or additional activators. The classical one-component cyanoacrylates react with moisture, which is absorbed as a moisture film on the material surfaces, in a few seconds.

The curing speed depends on the gap width and the humidity level. A small gap width and a high humidity accelerate the setting process.

After a short time Cyanolit® reaches high strength. The material continues to harden 24 hours after gluing. Only after this time is the optimum media resistance achieved.