DP 2720 BONDOGLIT (Special Effect – Glitter Adhesive)


Water based adhesive that is used to apply glitter over fabrics.
No choking on the screens.
Makes the glitters to be very vivid and bright on the fabric.
Complies with ecologic standards.


15-20 percentage of glitter added to DP 2720 BONDOGLIT adhesive and printed by a soft squeegee. Gives a spreading effect. Very well fixing operation is essential for the brightness and strength of the printed product. For to increase and strengthen the washing fastness after printing it is recommended to add %1-3 percentage of RB2602CUREFAST. Satisfactory results are possible with prints done by recommended mesh numbers. No choking in prints with multiple flash cure units. And that enables an increase % 25-30 in daily production.
Because the product has a strong coating on the fabric surface after printing, user should arrange the stroke number well. Each excess number of stroke, damage the gloss effect of glitter and delay the curing time.