Panacol Elecolit® adhesives are solvent free single or two-component adhesives. They are mostly based on epoxy resin and can be cured at room temperature or by exposure of heat. Elecolit® adhesives are electrically and / or thermally conductive adhesives which are designed for potting, bonding or contacting of conductors.

Elecolit® 6207 is a 2-component thermal conductive epoxy resin potting and capping compound that cures at low temperatures or at room temperature. Elecolit® 6207 is tested for UL-94V-0 (1/4 “layer thickness). It has good temperature shock resistance and low shrinkage. Elecolit® 6207 part A tends to crystallize during storage. The process is reversible after 1 hour at 40 ° C in the oven.