GALACRYL – Water-based Overprint Varnishes


When it comes to print products and packaging, consumers can be very critical.

And demanding: Does the magazine look good? Is the box functional? And what about environmental compatibility? We hear these questions all the time. And we have the right answer – our GALACRYL® dispersion coatings for printed paper and cardboard.

These water-based matt and glossy coatings consist of acrylates, water-soluble resins, additives and water. They dry through evaporation of the water. During this physical process, the dispersed particles fuse together to create a homogeneous film.

Producing such a coating is a science in itself. Or rather, it is a science for us. The secret is in the well-balanced formulation of the coating. It must display the desired properties in its liquid state, during processing and as a dry coating film.