Jetcure IR

The jetCURE IR is an air-cooled IR module for drying aqueous printing inks and coatings. Depending on the printing application, it can be operated as a purely IR or as an IR/hot air dryer.

jetCURE IR has got an intensity of up to 300 kW/m². A single reflector for each lamp concentrates the IR radiation to the substrate which leads to excellent drying results. The IR module can be equipped with short or medium wave IR lamps, a combination of different wavelength ranges, including NIR, is possible. Thus jetCURE IR is very flexible and can be applied for various drying tasks. Unique about jetCURE IR is the possibility to change it — fast and easily — from a pure IR to an IR/HotAir dryer: As a pure IR dryer it is mostly applied in inkjet printing. In inkjet application there is always the risk that a warm air flow might have a negative influence on the printing quality, e.g. it can deform the ink drops on the substrate surface.

Furthermore, too much warm air can clog the inkjet nozzles. jetCURE IR prevents any air flow on the substrate by using an exhaust cooling with filtered cooling air and a quartz glass plate in front of the lamps (radiation exit). In this operation mode the IR module is especially suitable for an installation next to or between inkjet printing heads.

By removing the quartz plate and reversing the air flow (mechanical turn around of the axial fan) the IR module can easily be transformed into an IR/HotAir dryer. As such the jetCure IR can be used for less temperature sensitive applications with increased drying performance. The cooling air supply is carried out flexibly by integrated or external fans.

Areas of application

  • printing inks and coatings in inkjet and flexo printing
  • sintering of strip conductors for printed electronics