UV-light curing screen adhesive KIWOBOND UV 3000 is a UV-reactive, one-component adhesive for a highly chemically and physically highly resistant bonding of screen meshes to frames made of aluminium, steel and galvanized iron frames. The bonding is resistant to all common screen printing inks and cleaning agents.


KIWOBOND UV 3000 is a very fast curing UV-reactive adhesive, which is sensitive in a wide UV-wave length range. It is odourless, easily applicable and has a very good solvent resistance after curing with the exception of chlorinated hydrocarbons. KIWOBOND UV 3000 is suitable for all mesh types. In general, used or destroyed meshes can easily be removed from the frame.

Notice: Due to the many variables of available frame types and their condition, it is recommended to test the suitability of KIWOBOND UV 3000 for the applied frame.