Ready-to-use liquid for degreasing, preparation, giving improved wetting and antistatic support of screen printing meshes.

KIWO MESH X-CEL is a highly efficient screen mesh preparation which improves the coating properties of direct emulsions and the water transference of indirect and direct stencil making films (e.g. KIWOFILM range) decisively. KIWO MESH X-CEL also acts as a degreaser and wetting agent, making it a universal agent for mesh pre-treatment. Furthermore, KIWO MESH X CEL has an antistatic action. Screens, prepared with KIWO MESH X-CEL do not show the typical problems associated with static electricity, such as spattering of the ink during printing. Due to the improved adhesion of the emulsion to the mesh, KIWO MESH X-CEL also produces a higher resistance to long print runs, better printing properties of the ink and therefore a high quality print.