Radiometer MUV 2.4 WR

Reference radiometer MUV 2.4 WR

The mobile UV-reference meter MUV 2.4 WR is designed as a reference unit in accordance with DVGW W294 and / or ÖNROM M5873 relating to UV-sensors. It is made to control UV-systems for drinking water disinfection and delivers PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt) traceable results. In operation, the reference sensor is placed in the sensor port instead of the system sensor.

Features: A sealed and robust metal housing protects the device against external impacts and assures a protection rating to IP65. The measuring device is equipped with a 2-line LCD-display with backlight, automatic measuring range changeover and can be easily operated via three buttons. The exchange of a sensor is detected with an automated process.

Charging of the MUV 2.4 WR is taken care of by a power supply cable provided. All measured values can be read by computer via a serial RS232 interface.

System- Features

  • Approved by ÖNORM/DVGW
  • Repeatable measuring-results
  • PTB-traceable results


  • User-friendly with battery operation
  • Splash water resistant according IP65
  • Robust metal housing
  • Measured data storage