RB 2570 BRILLGOLD (Special Effect – Gold)


Fully prepared and ready to use gold coloured water based paste for getting twinkling effect prints. Does not contain heavy metals therefore there is no oxidation. Long and stable shelf life. Elastic structure. Brings a more twinkling effect comparing to foil and glitter. Soft and good handling features. Complies with ecologic standards.

Application: As a fully prepared and ready to use paste, RB2570 BRILLGOLD is a good choice to use in gold glitter effect prints. An ideal option for special applications. For a much more better washing fastness % 0,5-1 RB2601 SUPERFIX water based Catalyst should be added. Twinkling effect in different colours are also possible by colouring up to maximum %3 percentages. For the applications with the ground, RB 2035 WHITE or DP 2005 WHITE over the ground may be used by the support of %0,5-1 RB2601 SUPERFIX water based catalyst both ground and up layer. Please stir very well before using the product.