The best performing screen printing mesh SEFAR PME has been specially developed and engineered by Sefar for the needs of high-end industrial screen printing.

Mesh Features

SEFAR PME is the best performing range of screen printing mesh for printers who need to expand the capabilities of their screen printing process. The mesh is made from an innovative, high modulus, high tensile strength yarn developed and manufactured by Sefar. This screen printing mesh solution offers stencil makers and printers maximum precision in extremely tight tolerances.
SEFAR PME enables the efficient and reliable production of stencils that allow for printing of the most demanding, high volume products – meeting the highest quality demands.

  • High modulus polyester yarn with increased tensile strength
  • Balanced and low mesh elongation
  • Minimal loss of tension
  • Adhesion optimized surface treatment
  • Resolution optimized mesh color
  • Uncompromised paste and ink release
  • Good antistatic properties
  • Knot and fault indication


Screen/stencil maker benefit

  • Higher peak tension achievable
  • Risk reduction of mesh tearing
  • Rapid achievement of stable tension
  • Stable mesh geometry during stretching
  • Standardized stretching process
  • Reduced relaxation time
  • Increased productivity
  • Homogeneous emulsion application
  • Easy, safe capillary film transfer
  • High resolution with finest detail adhesion
  • Accurate transfer of the printing motif
  • UV spectrum matched absorption range
  • Adhesive passes easily through the mesh
  • Homogenous adhesive application
  • Reduced susceptibility of dust
  • Reduction of retouching
  • Optimization of mesh utilization
  • Cost reduction

Printer benefit

  • Improved dimensional accuracy
  • Risk reduction of stencils tearing on press
  • Lowest image distortion
  • Dimensionally stable artwork reproduction
  • Risk reduction of moiré
  • Increased printing speed
  • Screen reutilization increases
  • Outstanding stencil adhesion expands printable range of fine details
  • Increased stencil life time
  • Accurate image transfer during printing
  • Faithful and less-loss image reproduction
  • Maintenance of narrowest ink deposit tolerances
  • Reduced risk of pinholes
  • Error-free printing
  • Reduced downtime of the printing press
  • Waste and cost reduction


SEFAR PME has proven unbeatable, especially when going to the limits of what is possible in screen printing, particularly in the industrial production of printed electronic components and functional coatings as well as in all other applications that require highest screen printing performance.

  • Touchscreens
  • Keypads / membrane switches
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Tachometers
  • Flat-panel displays
  • Solar cells
  • Combination stencils
  • High-end graphic applications