SEFAR Tensocheck-100

SEFAR Tensocheck 100 is an electronic gauge for monitoring screen tension. Its outstanding advantages: Its excellent value for money and ease of use without requiring previous experience. SEFAR Tensocheck 100 is also available having a serial port for connection to SEFAR 51i. Your advantage: Fully automatic, precise tensioning at preselected values in N/cm (Existing devices not having an interface are not able to be converted).

Product features

  • The clear digital display having 10 mm-high lettering is easy to read even from a distance
  • High accuracy: Up 29.8 N/cm the resolution is 0.2 N/cm, over that, about 0.5 N/cm
  • The highest process reliability and reproducible results

Customer benefits

  • Because of the large display area, overall usability
  • User-friendly operation
  • Independent monitoring of the zero position using the glass control plate
  • Measurement unit selectable by press button (N/cm or mm)
  • Automatic shutdown increases battery life
  • More accurate values obtainable via the interface to the SEFAR 51 control unit
  • Optional with interface to SEFAR 51 control unit