Panacol Structalit® adhesives are solvent free single or two-component adhesives. They are mostly based on epoxy resin and can be cured at room temperature or by exposure of heat. Structalit® products are designed for bonding, casting and protecting components in electronic and automotive industry.

Structalit® 701 is a two part, thermal curing epoxy adhesive. Structalit® 701 appears amber and transparent in thin layers. Structalit® 701 has good bonding to a wide range of materials including metals (alumina, steel and stainless steel) and many plastics. It provides good application behavior, long pot life and short curing time.
Structalit® 701 has met the requirements for USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5.

Structalit® 701 is temperature resistant up to 200 °C and has shown excellent moisture and chemical resistance which makes it suitable for sterilization methods including autoclaving, EtO and gamma irradiation.