Panacol Structalit® adhesives are solvent free single or two-component adhesives. They are mostly based on epoxy resin and can be cured at room temperature or by exposure of heat. Structalit® products are designed for bonding, casting and protecting components in electronic and automotive industry.

Structalit® 8801 is a universal one-component epoxy adhesive which can also be used as a potting compound. The mean viscosity setting allows a wide range of applications. Structalit® 8801 is characterized by short curing time at low temperatures. Processing temperatures should be above 20°C to simplify the application. Structalit® 8801 has a very good oil resistance and is qualified for applications in the automotive industry. Structalit® 8801 has met the requirements for ISO 10993-5 and is suitable for use in the assembly of disposable medical devices.