Transmittance Device TMX01

Transmission Measurement Device

The mobile transmission analysis instrument TMX01 is made for optimising design work and control of water treatment systems. With this unit, water samples can be evaluated according to DIN 38404. A fluid sample can be taken and its transmittance measured. The TMX01 can also be used for regular inspections and analysis of water quality.

Features: This instrument comes in a robust Aluminium suitcase, giving maximum protection against impact. The unit is battery powered and operates with just four buttons. This meter can be operated very easily and can be always ready for use. A removable charger takes care of power which is included with the instrument.


  • Accurate measuring
  • Repeatable measurements
  • Battery powered
  • Light and portable


  • Compact design
  • Very user friendly
  • Short start-up time
  • Fast calibration