UVACube 400

The UVACUBE 400 is an economical UV curing chamber for laboratory use and manufacture by hand. Due to various lamp/filter combinations, the spectra can be easily adapted for a large variety of applications. UVACUBE 400 has a manually operated shutter and meets the highest demands in operational safety and ease of handling.


  • homogenous irradiation 
  • several spectra 
  • shutter 
  • user-friendly 
  • high operational safety


  • Curing of adhesives and plastics 
  • Curing of inks, varnishes and coatings 
  • Sunlight simulation and material age testing 
  • UV irradiation for chemical and biological applications

UVACUBE 400 has a useful working capacity of around 450 x 400 x 300 mm (HxWxD) permitting a wide range of objects to be accommodated. Optimised lamp reflectors and interior provide uniform irradiation (approx. +/- 10% on bottom of chamber).

Honle UV lamps offer outstanding power yield with long lamp life. With an electrical input of the lamp of 400 W the lamp has three different spectra available: iron, gallium, mercury and sunlight simulation.