Designed for mobile applications, the UVAHAND 100 consists  a very light lamp unit and grants a unbeatable cost-performance ratio.


The application fields are extremly versatile:

  • Curing of UV reactive adhesives and pottants in the glass, plastics and metall industry
  • Curing of UV reactive pottants for electric and electronic components
  • Manufacturing and repairing of plastic parts with UV reactive polyester resins


High intensity hand-held UV lamp, used for curing of UV-reactive coatings, adhesives and compounds as well as for fluorescent purposes.

  • Hand-held unit in modular design for mobile and stationary use
  • Mains supply 230 V
  • Uniform intensity distribution
  • Different emission spectra by means of lamp-/filter-combinations
  • Hours counter integrated in the ballast box
  • Robust lamp housing
  • New U-shaped space bars provide improved temperature management