Conventional UV or UV-LED technology

UVAPRINT varyCURE AC & UVAPRINT varyCURE LC are based on a cassette technology: Either an UV lamp insert or an UV-LED insert can be slid in the same robust housing very easily. Power connection and cabling remain unchanged as the joint electronic ballast EPSA varyPOWER supplies both inserts by immediately recognizing what technology is used and thus switches from square-waved AC (conventional UV) to DC (UV-LED). An intelligent control adjusts all system-relevant settings automatically, this means for the user: Just swap and cure.

One housing, one electronic power supply – two inserts. It is a Powerful curing system working with conventional UV or UV-LED technology.

UVAPRINT varyCURE AC is the air cooled system and the UVAPRINT varyCURE LC is water cooled system.


  • Powerful cassette system with UV-LED or UV lamp insert
  • Electronic power supply varyPOWER compatible with both technologies
  • Intelligent system control


  • Flexible exchange of LED and UV module
  • Easy handling
  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Automatic adjustment of all system properties