Vitralit-7041 T

Panacol Vitralit® adhesives are one-component, solvent-free radiation-curing adhesives. The advantages are very short curing time, good adhesion to a variety of substrates, and easy handling. Vitralit® products are used in electronics, medical applications, optics and for fixing parts in general.

Vitralit® 7041 T is a shear thinning UV and/or light cure adhesive. Vitralit® 7041 T appears transparent in thin layers. In thick layers it is translucent.

Vitralit® 7041 T is a high viscosity instant adhesive with gap filling ability. The shear thinning behavior provides clean, fast and automated dispensing processes. The product is specially designed for plastic bonding applications in medical devices. It provides a very good bonding to a wide range of materials like PC, ABS, PET, glass and metals. Vitralit® 7041 T is suitable for transparent plastic materials with low UV transmission such as PC.

Vitralit® 7041 T has met the requirements for USP Class VI, ISO 10993-4 and ISO 10993-5. Therefore it is suitable for use in the assembly of disposable medical devices. It is compatible with sterilization by autoclaving, gamma irradiation and EtO. Vitralit® 7041 T is also available with fluorescent capabilities improving the process quality.