Vitralit-7311 Fo

Panacol Vitralit® adhesives are one-component, solvent-free radiation-curing adhesives. The advantages are very short curing times, good adhesion to a variety of substrates, and easy handling. Vitralit® products are used in electronics, medical applications, optics and for fixing parts in general.

Vitralit® 7311 is a low viscosity, solvent-free composition. Vitralit® 7311 bonds to a broad array of materials including polycarbonate, stainless steel, PVC, nylon, glass, and ABS. When properly cured, Vitralit® 7311 bonds high strength bonds that are clear and firm. Vitralit® 7311 develops a dry, tack-free surface with high resistance to moisture. Vitralit® 7311 cures extremely quickly with broad spectrum UV lamps (320-450 nm), as well as monochromatic LED lamps. Optimal LED curing is achieved using LED systems with outputs of 365nm or 405nm. Vitralit® 7311 has been formulated to pass USP Class VI biocompatibility testing. Vitralit® 7311 is compatible with common sterilization methods including gamma irradiation, EtO, and limited autoclaving.