Vitralit-UD 8050

Panacol Vitralit® adhesives are one-component, solvent-free radiation-curing adhesives. The advantages are very short curing time, good adhesion to a variety of substrates, and easy handling. Vitralit® products are used in electronics, medical applications, optics and for fixing parts in general.

Vitralit® UD 8050 is a one component UV/visible light and humidity curing isocyanate acrylate adhesive. The base material is transparent and slightly yellow. Customized versions with various colors and fluorescent tracer are possible and make process control easier.

Vitralit® UD 8050 is specially designed as an encapsulant for local circuit board protection. Its easy dispensability and fast curing properties make it suitable especially for applications in consumer electronics, where a high UPH value is required. Thanks to the humidity curing mechanism, Vitralit® 8050 can also be cured in shadowed areas. UV curing provides initial properties and the humidity post curing leads to an increasing performance over time.