WESSCO LM – UV Coating for Food Packaging

WESSCO® Low Migration (LM) – Don’t rock the boat

Our WESSCO® Low Migration coatings come as matt, high gloss and effect coatings. They are solvent-free and UV curing. They were specifically designed for food packaging and finish paper, cardboard and plastic foils for sensitive packaging. Certainly, always complying to legal regulations and guidelines such as GMP. 

What makes our WESSCO® LM coatings so extraordinary: they minimise migration. This means that through careful formulation of our coatings, we can reduce the transfer of substances from the coating film to the contents of the packaging. In addition, these coatings do not contain benzophenone, 4-methyl benzophenone or bisphenol A.

ACTEGA Schmid Rhyner AG Low Migration coatings have one special property that we can only explain with a little “technospeak”. A very important component of WESSCO® LM coatings is known as polymeric photoinitiators. These consist of molecules that are heavier than conventional photoinitiators. Due to their size, they are far less likely to migrate to the packaged food. That is why they are the perfect choice when it comes to finishing and protecting sensitive packaging in the food sector.